Aerial view of the fields at our Smoky Mountain sports complex.

New Greenway Opens Around Rocky Top Sports World and Mills Park

Rocky Top Sports World is thrilled to announce a new, exciting feature for residents, athletes, and guests! The City of Gatlinburg recently completed construction on a greenway around our Smoky Mountain sports complex and Mills Park. The new greenway provides a convenient and scenic way to travel from field to field. Read on for everything you need to know about these beautiful walking trails. Read More

Young athletes give high fives after a game at our sports complex in Gatlinburg.

Sportsmanship Comes First at Rocky Top Sports World

Here at Rocky Top Sports World, we offer some of the best athletic facilities in the Southeast to players and teams from around the country. In addition to our top notch courts and fields, we also strive to maintain a positive atmosphere that keeps athletes coming back again and again. If we had to sum up the culture and standards we aim to foster at our sports complex in Gatlinburg in one word, it would be “sportsmanship”. In this article, we will examine what sportsmanship means to us and what we expect from athletes, coaches, and parents who visit Rocky Top Sports World.        Read More

Young women on a Smoky Mountain sports team.

4 Benefits of Joining a Smoky Mountain Sports Team at Rocky Top Sports World

Becoming more active is something that most people strive for as they begin a new year, and it is an especially important goal for kids. One of the best ways to get your child moving is by having them join a sports team. Along with having fun with friends, there are many great benefits for playing a team sport. Here are just some of the advantages of joining a Smoky Mountain sports team: Read More

A group of kids on a Smoky Mountain sports team putting their hands in together,

Smoky Mountain Sports Trends: Sports Illustrated Suggests New Year’s Resolutions for Youth Sports

To mark the beginning of the new year, Sports Illustrated’s “This is Your Brain on Sports” podcast proposed a number of resolutions for everyone involved in the world of youth sports. In this episode, Sam Sommers, the show’s host, spoke with Megan Bartlett, the chief program officer at Up2Us Sports, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making sure young athletes across the country have access to great coaching. Sam and Megan gave a lot of great advice, so we thought we would share their insight in this blog. Read More