Trends in Youth Sports

Boy smiling while removing his mouth guard at a Gatlinburg football game.

New Survey Shows That Football is The Fastest Growing Youth Sport in America

For years, Monday Night Football games began with the classic question, “Are you ready for some football?” According to a new survey, the answer is still a resounding “yes”! A recent study commissioned by USA Football, the sport’s national governing body, found that football is the fastest growing youth sport in the country.

As one of the Southeast’s leading destinations for youth football tournaments, camps, and events, Rocky Top Sports World is thrilled to hear this news! We’ve summarized the survey’s findings below. Read More

A coach talking to a team of young soccer players at our sports complex in Gatlinburg.

Youth Sports of the Americas Shares Best Practices for Coaching

Anyone who has played youth sports knows that a coach can have a huge impact on your enjoyment of the game, future in athletics, and life in general. A great coach will inspire you to grow as an athlete and a person, while a bad one can make you want to quit sports altogether. Here at Rocky Top Sports World, we want to encourage the right type of coaching. That’s why we’re sharing this helpful coaching advice from Youth Sports of the Americas, a group dedicated to promoting healthy, safe, and enjoyable youth sports participation. Read More

A basketball team of young women and their coach at our Gatlinburg sports complex.

CNN Report Details How Team Sports Help Women Succeed Professionally

While we all know that team sports are a great way to have fun, make friends, and stay in shape, new research shows that being involved in athletics can have far reaching benefits for women. A report from CNN details the ways that playing sports can help women succeed in their professional lives. Read on as we sift through the data to see what it is about team sports that is giving so many women the edge. Read More

A group of kids on a Smoky Mountain sports team putting their hands in together,

Smoky Mountain Sports Trends: Sports Illustrated Suggests New Year’s Resolutions for Youth Sports

To mark the beginning of the new year, Sports Illustrated’s “This is Your Brain on Sports” podcast proposed a number of resolutions for everyone involved in the world of youth sports. In this episode, Sam Sommers, the show’s host, spoke with Megan Bartlett, the chief program officer at Up2Us Sports, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making sure young athletes across the country have access to great coaching. Sam and Megan gave a lot of great advice, so we thought we would share their insight in this blog. Read More

Smoky Mountain sports teams giving each other high fives after the end of a football game.

Smoky Mountain Sports Trends: New Research Details Physical and Mental Benefits of Youth Sports

Everyone knows that playing sports can be an important part of growing up, but new research shows just how beneficial youth athletics can be. The True Sport Report, sponsored by the USADA, found that playing youth sports fosters tremendous physical, emotional, psychological, and social benefits. Read on for a closer look at all of the advantages kids enjoy when they play sports: Read More