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5 Fun Activities for Young Athletes at Smoky Mountains National Park

When your young athlete is in town for a tournament here at Rocky Top Sports World, there are lots of fun activities in the area that they can participate in along with their teammates. One of the best nearby spots to spend time as a group is the Smoky Mountains National Park, with lots of fun opportunities to make memories and bond with teammates. Here are some of the best activities at the Smoky Mountains National Park for young athletes:

1. Go for a Group Hike

One activity that is both fun for young athletes and a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the area is to go for a group hike at the Smoky Mountains National Park. The park has a variety of trails that range in difficulty, so there are options for everyone. If your group is looking for some light exercise before or after a tournament, consider checking out the Gatlinburg Trail or the Sugarlands Valley Nature Trail for relatively easy fun. Or if everyone is looking for more of a challenge, check out Chimney Tops Trail with stunning views as your reward for making it to the top.

2. Enjoy a Picnic

picnic areaAnother fun activity that can serve as a bonding opportunity for young athletes is going for a picnic at the Smoky Mountains National Park. There are plenty of picnic areas located throughout the park that offer the perfect surroundings for an outdoor meal as a group. Just remember to pick up all of your trash and clean any grills that you use, because bears have an incredibly strong sense of smell!

3. Spot Native Wildlife

Speaking of bears, there are lots of opportunities to spot these animals as well as other creatures at the Smoky Mountains National Park. Spotting wildlife can be a great activity for young athletes to do together, and there aren’t many spots better than Cades Cove for doing it. Cades Cove has several open areas that make it easier to spot wildlife, which is why it is a popular choice for those looking to see the animals that call the Smoky Mountains home. As long as you follow all park rules around animals, such as staying at least 50 yards away and never feeding wildlife, this can be a fantastic activity for everyone.

4. Try Horseback Riding

horseAnother great activity that your young athlete will enjoy at the Smoky Mountains National Park is horseback riding. Horseback riding is available at several locations throughout the park and offers a unique opportunity to see the sights here in the Smokies from a different perspective. There are guided horseback tours available for a variety of skill levels and experience, making this a perfect activity for the whole group to enjoy.

5. Discover Scenic Waterfalls

If your group wants to take in some of the most spectacular sights that the Smoky Mountains have to offer, you won’t want to miss out on seeing some of the amazing waterfalls here at the park. From the looming 100-foot Ramsey Cascades to the short but powerful 20-foot Abrams Falls, there are plenty of great waterfalls located here in the park for you and your young athlete to discover.

Your young athlete and their teammates are sure to love participating in some of these awesome activities at the Smoky Mountains National Park, which is just another reason that young athletes love competing at our state-of-the-art sports complex here in the Smokies. Learn more about our facilities today and get started on planning your young athlete’s next big tournament with us today!

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