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Smoky Mountain Sports Trends: New Research Details Physical and Mental Benefits of Youth Sports

Everyone knows that playing sports can be an important part of growing up, but new research shows just how beneficial youth athletics can be. The True Sport Report, sponsored by the USADA, found that playing youth sports fosters tremendous physical, emotional, psychological, and social benefits. Read on for a closer look at all of the advantages kids enjoy when they play sports:

Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of playing sports are a major motivating factor for parents to get their kids out on the field. In addition to healthy weight maintenance, kids who participate in youth sports programs have a decreased risk of chronic diseases and conditions.

Healthy Weight Maintenance

There are so many physical benefits of playing youth sports that all parents should get their kids involved in some type of athletic program! This is especially important as youth obesity rates have doubled since 25 years ago, and one third of children are considered obese by the third grade. By participating in youth sports programs, kids are motivated to get out of the house and be active. As a result, this physical activity helps kids to maintain a healthy weight. Studies have shown that kids who participate in a youth sports program at an early age are more inclined to remain active as teens and adults, so it is best to get kids involved in sports at a young age.

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Decreased Risk of Diseases

Research has indicated that physical activity has the added benefit of stopping the development of many persistent conditions and diseases as it strengthens bones, muscles, and the heart. As a result, there is a reduced risk for conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Emotional, Social, and Psychological BenefitsYoung women playing an intense game of volleyball.

Playing youth sports also has fantastic emotional, social, and psychological benefits. For example, studies have shown that kids who participate in sports perform better academically, have higher self esteem, and experience fewer behavioral issues. In general, physical activity has a direct correlation to brain physiology. Simply put, playing youth sports is great for the body and the brain!

Improved Academic Achievement

Kids who play sports are able to burn off energy and have a longer attention span in school. Physical activity also leads to an increase in problem solving skills and creativity, which helps to boost academic performance. In addition, kids who play sports generally complete more years of education.

Increased Self Control and Self Esteem

Participation in youth sports helps to teach kids how to properly control their emotions and demonstrate initiative. It is important to develop these traits at a young age as they will eventually be important in education, personal relationships, and career development. All of these benefits apply to both boys and girls who play sports. In particular, studies have shown that girls who play sports have increased confidence and self esteem. As a result, they are less likely to experience issues such as obesity, depression, drug use, and teen pregnancy.

Young teammates putting their hands in together.Youth Sports at Rocky Top Sports World

Rocky Top Sports World is pleased to offer various youth sports programs, tournaments, and camps throughout the year so that kids can enjoy these tremendous benefits. Our 80 acre state-of-the-art sports campus is the largest sports venue in the region, and we host nearly every youth sport imaginable! Our complex includes 7 outdoor fields and an 86,000 square foot indoor facility with 6 basketball courts and 12 volleyball courts.

To sign your kids up for some healthy fun, check out our calendar of upcoming Rocky Top Sports World Events!

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