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A group of boys on a soccer team hoisting a trophy in the air.

Top 5 Ways to Motivate Your Youth Sports Team

When it comes to having a successful athletic team, motivation is incredibly important! If your team members don’t have the desire to improve and reach their full potential, it becomes much more difficult for your team to achieve goals and find success! Motivation is even more essential with youth sports because kids often need extra encouragement to be their best. Here are the top 5 ways to motivate your youth sports team:

1. Determine Each Child’s Motivating Factor

boy holding trophy on soccer fieldSince every kid on your youth sports team is going to have a different motivating factor, try to learn as much as possible about each individual player on the team. Some players may be motivated by receiving praise or winning a trophy, while others may be driven by seeing individual improvement on the field. You may also have players that love being praised in front of the team, while others feel uncomfortable. Once you determine each motivating factor, this will help you to keep your team members focused so that they can move in the right direction!

2. Set Reasonable Goals

When you set reasonable goals that can really be accomplished by the players on your youth sports team, this can be a huge motivating factor! It can be particularly effective if you set a combination of goals both for individual players and the team as a whole. It is better to set goals for improvement rather than setting win based goals, and you can even set goals related to practice such as drill performance and attendance. Once you provide the appropriate motivation, you can help your young players overcome obstacles while reaching their goals!

3. Explain Why Drills and Practice Are Important

A young football player at practice.Many young players feel that drills and practice sessions can get repetitive or boring, which can lead to a huge drop in motivation. Therefore, it is important for coaches and parents to explain why practice is important to help achieve success. Once you have explained why it is necessary to do practice drills, it becomes easier to show your kids how hard work pays off down the line. When a young athlete sees the results of their actions, they often become more motivated to work hard in practice and pay more attention listening to their coaches.

4. Acknowledge Minor Successes

Kids want to have fun and feel successful when playing sports, so they will strive for more when you point out how they have improved! While you certainly want to celebrate a big win, it is just as important to acknowledge small improvements. After all, the children on your youth sports team may not recognize these minor achievements on their own. You can use many opportunities to acknowledge an athlete, whether they have completed a tough drill or practiced longer than ever before!

5. Encourage Teamwork

Young women on a Smoky Mountain sports team.It can be extremely motivating for members of a youth sports team to form positive relationships with other team members. This unique feeling of connection can encourage individuals to put forth the extra effort to benefit the team. Therefore, encourage players to learn more about each other and participate in team building activities. You will soon find that the kids build strong relationships and actually motivate each other to be successful!

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