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5 Unorthodox Sports Tournament Ideas You Could Organize at Rocky Top Sports World

Here at Rocky Top Sports World, we can accommodate virtually any type of sports event. With seven outdoor fields, an 86,000 square ft indoor complex, team rooms, referee locker rooms, and plenty of bleacher seating, our campus in Gatlinburg, TN has everything you need for an incredible tournament.

While soccer, football, basketball, and volleyball tournaments are most common at Rocky Top, we are definitely not limited to these sports! In fact, we love to host tournaments for sports that don’t always get the same attention as their mainstream counterparts. To help spark your imagination, we have put together a list of five unorthodox sports tournaments that you could organize at Rocky Top Sports World:


1. Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee (which is also just known as “ultimate”) is a very popular sport on college campuses across the nation. The object of the game is to move a frisbee down the field into the opposing end zone by passing the disc. Players are not allowed to take steps while holding a frisbee, and if the disc is intercepted or the pass is incomplete, this results in a turnover. The fields at Rocky Top are ideal for a game of ultimate – all you have to do is bring a frisbee!

2. Bubble SoccerA fun bubble soccer game.

Bubble soccer just might be the most fun you’ll ever have while being knocked down! In this inventive sport, participants play a game of soccer while wearing giant plastic bubbles around their torso. These hamster ball-like bubbles provide a protective cushion, so you can run into opponents with abandon, without anyone getting hurt. Bubble soccer is better seen than described, so be sure to watch this video to see the sport in action:

If you want to play bubble soccer at Rocky Top Sports World, you can rent bubbles from one of the suppliers on this list from Bubble Soccer USA.

3. Dodgeball

Dodgeball is one of the most beloved gym class activities for elementary schoolers, but it isn’t just for kids! In the winter of 2015, Rocky Top Sports World hosted a six week dodgeball tournament for boys, girls, men, and women This tournament was an absolute blast, and we would definitely love to see more dodgeball at Rocky Top in the future.

4. Kickball

Kickball is another schoolyard favorite that just gets better with age. Rocky Top Sports World hosted a five week kickball tournament in 2015, and it was a big hit with all of the participants. Organizing a kickball tournament is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying some nostalgic fun with your friends.

A red kickball on a field.5. Quidditch

Fans of the Harry Potter books and films will be very familiar with Quidditch, the most popular sport in the wizarding world. While the magical sport at Hogwarts is played on flying broomsticks, the real-life version of Quidditch can be played on an ordinary field. Quidditch is a unique sport that combines elements of soccer, basketball, dodgeball, and tag. For a detailed explanation of how to play the game, you can download a rulebook from the International Quidditch Association website.

If you are interested in organizing a tournament for one of these sports, or a completely different activity, contact Rocky Top Sports World today. Our friendly staff will make setting up your sporting event a breeze!

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