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Your Guide to Watching the Summer Olympics with Your Kids

It is almost that time again! With the 2024 Summer Olympics right around the corner, excitement is building across the world to watch the best athletes compete for glory. The Olympic games can present a great opportunity to watch sports at the highest level with your kids and teach them valuable lessons about values such as determination and hard work. If you want to find out more about watching the Summer Olympics with kids and how they can get involved with sports here at Rocky Top Sports World, simply read on:

Where are the 2024 Summer Olympics taking place?

This year’s Summer Olympics will be taking place in Paris, France. Athletes from across the world will gather in Paris to compete for the ultimate prize of Olympic gold!

When will the 2024 Summer Olympics occur?

Traditional olympic torches with yellow flamesThe 2024 Summer Olympics will begin with the opening ceremony on Friday, July 26, at 1:30pm EST. The Olympic games will run through the closing ceremonies on Sunday, August 11th.

How can I watch the Summer Olympics?

NBC will be broadcasting the Summer Olympics from July 26 through August 11. The Olympics coverage will also be available on streaming devices via Peacock.

Which sports in the Summer Olympics can my child play at Rocky Top Sports World?

Several different types of sporting events at the Summer Olympics are also available right here at our state-of-the-art sports complex in the Smoky Mountains. Watching the best athletes in the world compete at the Summer Olympics can be a great way to spark your kids’ interest in sports or build on their existing enthusiasm. Here are some of the sports in the Summer Olympics that your kids can play here at Rocky Top Sports World:

Football / Soccer

Football World Championship: Soccer Player Runs to Kick the Ball. Ball on the Grass Field of Arena, Full Stadium of Crowd Cheers. International Tournament. Cinematic Shot Captures Victory.Football, known in America as soccer, is considered the most popular sport in the world. Brazil won its second straight gold medal in the men’s competition at the 2020 Olympic Games, while Canada won its first ever gold medal in women’s football. If your kids are interested in getting involved with the sport themselves or taking their game to the next level,, come check out our top-notch facilities here at Rocky Top Sports World. Our staff can help you plan your next tournament today.


Basketball is another popular sport that is featured at the Summer Olympics and is also played at Rocky Top Sports World. The United States has been more successful than any other nation when it comes to winning Olympic gold in basketball. Notable NBA legends like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and many more have competed in the Olympic Games. This year, Team USA will include NBA champions Jayson Tatum, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James. If your child is enthusiastic about watching Olympic level basketball, they will also love competing in a basketball tournament at Rocky Top Sports World!


Girl Volleyball player and setter setting the ball for a spiker during a gameAnother sport featured in the Summer Olympic Games is volleyball. This year’s Summer Games will feature the U.S. women’s team defending their gold medal from 2020. We will also see France return as the defending champion in the men’s volleyball competition. At Rocky Top Sports World, we have everything you need for memorable and exciting volleyball competitions, including 12 hardwood courts and the ability to configure several more on campus.

You now have some useful information to help increase your enjoyment while watching the Summer Olympic Games with your kids. We hope this helps them learn and be inspired by the incredible talent that they will see during this historical event. If you are ready to help your sports teams compete at a higher level, contact Rocky Top Sports World and learn more about the events at our sports complex. To schedule your own tournament or event, contact [email protected] today.

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