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6 Youth Sports Apps and Websites That Your Team Will Love

The digital revolution is transforming the world of youth sports. Whether you’re looking to save time on team management activities, connect with fans, or improve your training, there is an app for that! To help you navigate all of the new products out there, Rocky Top Sports World has put together a guide to six of the best youth sports apps and websites.

1. TeamSnap

TeamSnap is a sports team management app that is used by over 15 million coaches, organizers, and managers around the globe. The app provides a convenient platform for scheduling team events, sending group messages, tracking the payment of fees and dues, managing your team’s roster, and just about any other team-related task you can think of. The TeamSnap app is free to download and use, but there are premium features that cost money to unlock.

2. ScoreStream

ScoreStream is perfect for family members and friends who want to keep up with your sports team but can’t make it to the game. This great app sends real-time scoring updates to all of your fans, so they can cheer you on from afar. ScoreStream also allows users to send play-by-play commentary, professional quality photos, video clips, and social media updates. The app is free and is currently used by more than 45,000 teams.

3. Hudl TechniqueAn athlete holding a water bottle and a smartphone.

Hudl Technique is another one of our favorite youth sports apps. When athletes are filmed using the Hudl app, the video can be played back in slow-motion so coaches and instructors can analyze every movement at 240 frames per second. Whether it’s learning how to throw the perfect spiral or honing your jump shot, Hudl Technique is an invaluable tool for pinpointing specific areas of improvement. The Hudl app is free to use.

4. First Aid App from the American Red Cross

While we hope that your youth sports games are injury-free, it’s important to be prepared for emergencies. The free First Aid App from the American Red Cross offers step-by-step instructions for dealing with asthma attacks, broken bones, concussions/head injuries, heat stroke, strains/sprains, and other unfortunate scenarios. The app also features a built-in hospital locator, so you can quickly find the closest ER in an emergency.

5. Canva’s Sports Certificate Templates

If you need to create certificates or awards for your team, we suggest using Canva. This easy-to-use website features a number of beautifully designed certificate templates that are a cut above the typical Clip Art-laden awards you often see. All of the certificates on Canva can be customized, and aspiring graphic designers can even use the site to create their own awards from scratch.

Screen shots of the Rocky Top Sports World app.6. Rocky Top Sports World App

We are excited to announce that Rocky Top Sports World now has its very own app! When you download the RTSW app, you’ll be able to browse our events calendar, learn about our athlete meal plans, and download money-saving coupons for restaurants and attractions in the Gatlinburg area. To find our app, just search for “Rocky Top Sports World” on the Apple App Store or the Google Play App Store.

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