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5 Fun Event Ideas For Booking Our Gatlinburg Sports Complex

While our Gatlinburg sports complex is the best place to host all of your special events in the Smoky Mountains, there are also other ways you can utilize our state-of-the-art space. Our large arenas, gymnasiums and other sporting spaces are great for your own large family-and-friend get-togethers. Because we have seating available for thousands, and over 40,000 square feet of usable events space, the possibilities of your event really are endless.


1. Family Events

All family events are wonderful for our Gatlinburg sports complex if you are inviting a large number of people. From birthday parties and holiday parties to family reunions, Rocky Top Sports World is a kids at children's birthday party eventwonderful choice. There is plenty of room for activities, games, relays and even bands for a small concert. You can get super creative with a space this large. It is perfect for kids and adults of all ages to get a little active in an event, especially for birthday parties. You can set up competitions and games for lots of fun, and use our indoor/outdoor grilling areas for a cookout. There is so much room available for entertaining people of all ages.

2. Team Events

Of course our Gatlinburg sports complex is perfect for your team events. It is great for banquets and awards ceremonies, because there is plenty of space large enough to set up tables, chairs even a stage. It is a great way to bring athletes’ family members and friends together to celebrate all of their accomplishments and hard work. Not to mention it is also a great place to host your own tournament. We have basketball courts, volleyball courts, AstroTurf fields and more that are perfect for hosting many games at one time.

3. Community Events

reception table and decorationsOur team at Rocky Top Sports World loves supporting the community. Our Gatlinburg sports complex is wonderful for your social group events, city-wide events and also to support nonprofit groups for a cause. It is a great place to host your next gala or fundraising event for a community cause or community awareness. It is even a good location for large company events in the community, especially parties and ceremonies for recognition. Our space has more than enough room to accommodate everyone in your group.

4. Religious Gatherings

Church and religious groups are welcome at our Gatlinburg sports complex. Our unique facilities are great for retreats and camps, especially for youth groups. Spending time together as a group and doing bonding activities is a great way to retreat from your everyday meeting location to experience something different that will bring you and your group closer together. We have message boards throughout the entire facility, as well as bleacher seating, so you and your group can have the tools necessary to communicate all of your meaningful lessons and listen to important speakers.

5. Receptions

Rocky Top Sports World has the perfect large space for a receptionbanquet table and decorations at a ceremonial event, such as a wedding reception. We have enough space to provide you with room for many tables and chairs, as well as a dance floor, a place for the DJ or band and definitely space for great food. Because this space isn’t decorated you can transform it into an amazing reception room with beautiful and extravagant decorations and arrangements. It is wonderful for a large themed event or celebration in Gatlinburg.

Are you ready to book your next large event at our Gatlinburg sports complex? Contact us today, so you can start planning your next special event in a space everyone will love.

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