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Young men playing football at a sports tournament in Gatlinburg.

How to Organize a Sports Tournament in Gatlinburg

Rocky Top Sports World hosts dozens of sports events and tournaments throughout the year, and our facilities have everything you need to organize a sports tournament of your own! Here is everything you need to know about how to organize a sports tournament in Gatlinburg:

Choose the Type of Sports Tournament

The first step of organizing your event is determining the specific type of sports tournament that you want to host. Rocky Top Sports World has all the facilities required to host virtually any type of tournament. We have six state-of-the-art synthetic turf fields and one natural surface field, as well as a championship field that can seat up to 1,500 spectators. In addition, Rocky Top’s 86,000 square foot indoor facility contains six basketball courts and 12 volleyball courts. Whether you are planning a football, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, or other type of sports tournament, Rocky Top has got you covered.

Establish the Player Criteria

Once the sport has been selected, establish the player criteria for your tournament. For example, you may want to organize an event that is strictly for children of a certain age or an event open to adults between certain age ranges. In addition, you could establish brackets with different age groups that will compete as part of your tournament.

Create the Tournament Format and CostVolley ball players pose for a picture at a sports tournament in Gatlinburg.

Select the number of teams that will compete in the tournament as well as the number of players on each team’s roster. This will essentially determine the size of your event and which facilities you will require at Rocky Top Sports World. Our professional tournament and events team is ready to assist you in every step of the process and would be delighted to help you plan your tournament!

Advertise the Tournament

Generate interest in your tournament by advertising the event to the public. Focus on local sports clubs who may be interested in competing in the tournament, and try to gain exposure both online and in the newspaper. Rocky Top Sports World would be delighted to add your tournament to our event calendar, which is sure to generate plenty of buzz! Each event in our calendar contains all of the specific details about each tournament, including the dates, times, player criteria, and any registration costs. Take a look at our upcoming events on our Gatlinburg Sports Tournaments and Camps page to get an idea of the format.

Select Prizes and Refreshments

Determine what type of awards you will present to the winning team(s) in your tournament, whether it is a trophy, ribbon, or other prize. In addition, you may want to arrange for food and refreshments at your event. Rocky Top Sports World is home to a convenient on-site restaurant, Champ’s Grill, which can help fulfill your tournament needs.

Teenagers playing soccer at a sports tournament in Gatlinburg.Determine the Accommodations

Finally, depending upon the size of your tournament, you may need to arrange accommodations for your team players and chaperones. Rocky Top Sports World partners with many lodging companies in the Gatlinburg area to offer discounted rates for your tournament visit. The region features a wonderful variety of places to stay, ranging from cozy cabins and chalets to traditional hotels. Visit our Lodging Near Rocky Top Sports World page to find the ideal accommodations for your group.

For more information about how to organize a sports tournament in Gatlinburg, give our friendly staff a call today!



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