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Which of the Offensive Positions in Football is Best for Your Young Athlete?

When your young athlete is beginning their football journey, you both might be wondering what position they should play. There are 3 types of players in football: offensive, defensive, and special teams. Today, we will cover the offensive positions in football so that you are well equipped to help your young athlete decide which role is right for them:


The quarterback is one of the central offensive positions in football, as they make key decisions such as when to start a play, who to throw the ball to, and which adjustments to make along the way. Ideally, quarterbacks should have a thorough knowledge of football mechanics and strategies, such as defensive coverage and offensive routes. Additionally, since the quarterback touches the ball on almost every single offensive play, they should be able to protect the ball against the defense by securing the ball during sacks as well as being careful not to throw interceptions. Some of the top skills that help make a quarterback successful are arm strength, quick decision-making, and field vision. Notable professional quarterbacks have included Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Patrick Mahomes.

Running Back

running back

The running back lines up directly behind the quarterback and is responsible for obtaining the ball through handoffs and running through or around the offensive line in order to make progress down the field. Since these players run through densely populated areas of the field, having the ability to keep the ball close to the body and secure against defenders is essential for running backs. While many running backs are slightly shorter than other players with a thicker build, a wide variety of body types can be successful at this position. Each running back must find a running style that works for them and then work hard to perfect their craft. Some notable professional running backs have included Barry Sanders, Adrian Peterson, and Marshall Faulk.

Wide Receiver

Wide receivers are some of the most explosive athletes on a football field. Their job is to run routes down the field, create separation from defensive players, and catch the ball. Wide receivers must have a great deal of stamina, as their position requires repeatedly running up and down the field. Additionally, wide receivers typically benefit from a combination of height and speed, however there have been plenty of successful wide receivers that relied more on one attribute than the other. Some notable professional wide receivers have included Calvin Johnson, Randy Moss, and Jerry Rice.

Offensive Lineman

offensive lineOffensive linemen have one of the most important jobs on the field – protecting the quarterback and providing crucial blocking for the offense. The offensive line consists of 5 players in total – 2 tackles on the outsides, 2 guards on the inside, and the center. The center snaps the ball to the quarterback to initiate each play and then the entire offensive line executes their blocking assignments in order to help the offense with either a run or pass play. Offensive linemen should ideally possess a combination of size and strength that allow them to effectively hold off defenders and create space for the offense to operate. Some notable offensive linemen have included Joe Thomas, Andrew Whitworth, and Trent Williams.

Tight End

Tight ends are essentially a blend of wide receivers and offensive linemen. On some plays, the tight end will block like an offensive lineman and on other plays they will run a route downfield and attempt to catch the ball, similar to a wide receiver. They typically possess a blend of size and speed that allow them to swap back and forth between blocking and running routes. Some notable tight ends have included Rob Gronkowski, Tony Gonzalez, and Travis Kelce.

Now that you understand more about the offensive positions in football, you are better equipped to help your young athlete decide which position might be right for them. Remember, many players have switched positions multiple times throughout their careers and still found success, so it’s no problem if your child decides to change positions along the way! And if you’re looking for a place for your young athlete to showcase their football skills in their next tournament, look no further than Rocky Top Sports World. Our state-of-the-art sports facility is perfectly equipped to host your next event – reach out to our team today to find out how we can help you plan an incredible tournament.

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