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Be Prepared: What to Pack When Competing At Our Smoky Mountain Sports Complex

Don’t get caught empty-handed. Make sure you and your teammates are prepared for your upcoming tournament at our Smoky Mountain sports complex by following our latest packing guide on what to bring when competing at Rocky Top Sports World.

Our Smoky Mountain Sports Complex Packing Guide

In Your Bag

The most important items you will need during your tournament at our Smoky Mountain sports complex should be kept in your team bag or duffel bag. This way you know that they won’t be accidentally misplaced or left behind when it comes time to take the field or court.

This is what should be stored in your personal bag:

  • young girl competing at Smoky Mountain Sports complex Rocky Top Sports WorldYour team jersey/shirt: It is always important to remember to bring your uniform to play in.
  • Extra socks: Remember, you will be running and sweating a lot, so it is good to bring an extra pair or two of socks to help keep your feet dry.
  • Sunglasses: If you are playing outside, you may want to bring something to protect your eyes on and off the field.
  • Sweatbands: Don’t let sweat get in your way of playing a great game, bring a few sweatbands to keep your face and hands dry when competing.
  • Compression gear (keeps muscles activated): Whether you are waiting on a new heat to start or for your turn to take the field, compression gear is great to help you stay warmed up to play.
  • Sandals or comfortable tennis shoes: During breaks in games or to walk around after the match, it is good to bring a comfortable pair of shoes to change into.
  • Waterproof/Windbreaker jacket: If you are competing in the morning or if there is a slight chance of rain, bring a light jacket or windbreaker to help you stay warm.

Food & Snacks

As any athlete knows, it is extremely important to keep your energy up and stay hydrated when you are competing at our Smoky Mountain sports complex. That is why we always encourage guests and teams to keep plenty of snacks and beverages readily available to players during competition.

young boy rehydrating at the Smoky Mountain sports complex Rocky Top Sports WorldYou want your snacks to be high in protein and carbohydrates and lower in sugar. Granola bars, fruit, beef jerky, cheese/peanut butter crackers, popcorn, pretzels, and more!

When it comes to drinks, we recommend players either stick to good old water or grab their favorite sports drink to keep their energy up. It is important to stay hydrated when you are competing. The rule of thumb is one 12 oz. bottle of fluid for every hour of competition.

If you don’t want to carry a cooler around with your team’s drinks or snacks in it, you can always send someone to pick up some snack for your team at our Smoky Mountain sports complex’s concession stand, Champ’s Grill at Rocky Top Sports World. With both an indoor and an outdoor window to place your order, guests will have no trouble stocking up on refreshments and goodies to keep your teammates fueled during the tournament.

If you need a place to sit, there is also plenty of seating located in and around the concession area. This is the perfect place to cool off in between matches thanks to our indoor air conditioning.

Medications & First Aid Kit

Nothing can interrupt a fun day of competition faster than an unexpected sports injury! That is why is is always important to make sure that your team is prepared with its own First Aid Kit. These kits do not have to be elaborate, you just want to make sure you are covered in case any of your teammates end up with a few new cuts or scrapes on the field.

We recommend that your team’s First Aid Kit at least includes:

  • girl playing soccer at Smoky Mountian Sports complexAny prescribed medications for players (make sure these are properly labeled with correct dosage information)
  • Allergy relief
  • Sunscreen
  • Anti-Inflammatories or pain relief medication
  • Sports tape
  • Ankle brace
  • Blister Bandaids
  • Bug spray
  • Scissors
  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer

Other Items

Even though much of your time at our Smoky Mountain sports complex will be spent competing, it is good to make sure that you and your teammates will have plenty of things to keep you occupied off the field during downtime. This can be your chance to go over game films to prepare for your next challenge in our private locker rooms, or you can cheer on your friends on other teams as an act of good sportsmanship.

player enjoying downtime at the Smoky Mountain Sports Complex Rocky Top Sports WorldHere are a few other items you can bring to use during this downtime as well:

  • Phone or tablet
  • Phone charger
  • Book to read
  • Headphones
  • Umbrella

Do you have your own superstar list of items to bring when you visit our Smoky Mountain sports complex? Let us know on the Rocky Top Sports World Facebook page. We love hearing from you!

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