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Top 5 Places to Take Your Team to Get Ice Cream in Gatlinburg

No matter if you want to celebrate a win, get everyone to spend time together, or just do something fun, you should take your team out for ice cream in Gatlinburg! You have plenty of places to choose from, and you know you’ll find a variety of flavors and toppings, too. Here are the top 5 places to take your team to get ice cream in Gatlinburg:

1. Mad Dog’s Creamery

ice cream on a coneA popular local place is Mad Dog’s Creamery. You’ll find your favorite flavors, of course, such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. You could always try their unique flavors, from yellow brick road to rainbow sherbet. Get your ice cream in a cup or cone, or have a milkshake in your favorite flavor. You could also choose a banana split or a sundae. Not only will you find ice cream at Mad Dog’s, you’ll also find doughnuts, pastries, and funnel cakes!

2. The Village Cafe and Creamery

Get ice cream for the kids and coffee for the adults at The Village Cafe and Creamery. Get a regular scoop of ice cream in a cup or cone, or try something new as a milkshake, sundae, or float. They have signature flavors, such as white chocolate raspberry, but you will always find the staples too. As far as coffee goes, you’ll find lattes, macchiatos, and affogatos, which is ice cream covered in coffee! The Village Cafe and Creamery also serves apple cider, tea, hot chocolate, slushies, and smoothies.

3. Ben & Jerry’s

ben and jerry's in gatlinburgAlmost everyone enjoys a scoop or two at Ben and Jerry’s! They have all kinds of flavors with different mix-ins and toppings. Try one of their milkshakes or sundaes. Some of their popular flavors include cherry garcia, chocolate fudge brownie, and toffee break. They even have non-dairy options for people who can’t have dairy! Don’t miss out on trying this delicious ice cream.

4. Kilwin’s

Another great local place to get ice cream in Gatlinburg is Kilwin’s. They highlight their signature recipe so their ice cream doesn’t taste like anyone else’s! Choose from over 40 flavors. Want something decadent? Try cake batter, cappuccino chocolate chip, or double peanut butter pie. Looking for something a little lighter? Get raspberry sorbetto, apple pie, or blueberry waffle cone. Choose toppings if you want, and you’ll definitely enjoy your ice cream from Kilwin’s!

5. Mayfield Dairy Bar

ice cream in bowlsIf you want a scoop of a favorite flavor you know and love, head to the Mayfield Dairy Bar. They have every flavor imaginable, from vanilla to moose tracks. Not only will you find ice cream cones, milkshakes, and sundaes, you will also find slushies, deep fried oreos, and more! It’s a great place to stop, even if you don’t want ice cream.

Since you know where to take your team to get ice cream in Gatlinburg, you’re ready to plan your trip! Look through our events in Gatlinburg list to sign your team up for their next tournament!

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