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5 Reasons To Compete In Our Smoky Mountain Basketball Tournaments

If you haven’t yet had the chance to compete at our beloved Smoky Mountain sports complex, you have no idea what you and your team have been missing out on. Not only do offer a total of 6 hardwood basketball courts, plus four more onsite, we also offer a ton of benefits that you cannot find at other complexes.

To get an idea of what sets Rocky Top Sports World apart from other basketball tournament locations, read below!

1. State Of The Art Facility

Rocky Top Sports World is a brand new, state of the art facility located in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. As we mentioned, we offer six full-size hardwood basketball courts, plus four more onsite.

In addition to our basketball courts, we also offer 3 private team rooms, bleacher seating, digital message boards throughout the facility, a fully-equipped concession area, and an event planner workspace. This means that we have everything you need to feel like a pro during your fun and memorable Smoky Mountain basketball tournament.

Click here for a full list of all of the unbeatable perks and amenities you will have access to during our Smoky Mountain basketball tournaments.

2. Makes You a Better Athlete

young athlete practicing for a Smoky Mountain basketball tournamentYou know the phrase, “practice makes perfect”? Well, so does competition. You will be amazed how competing on a new court will improve your skills as a basketball player. Not only will you be able to learn how to quickly adapt to a new environment, you will also learn how to tune out any unfamiliar noises during the game.

This will help you develop skills to mentally block out anything that distracts you from competing to the best of your ability, which, in turn, will make you a better athlete all around.

young athlete practicing basketball at Smoky Mountain sports complex Rocky Top Sports World3. Near Fun Things To Do

When it comes to travel sports, you want to be able to have just as much fun off the court as you do on it. That is why we understand that it is important to play at a sports complex that not only offers a ton of luxury and high-quality equipment for you to use during your competition, but you also want to be able to find fun things to do during your downtime as well.

Whether you want to continue your competitive spirit over a game of mini-golf or you want to visit all of the unique aquatic life at the Ripley’s Aquarium, we can guarantee you will not be disappointed in your selection of fun things to do in Gatlinburg near our sports complex.

Click here for a list of a few of our favorite places to visit when competing at Rocky Top Sports World.

4. Helps Improve Your Social Skills

young basketball team competing in a Smoky Mountain basketball tournamentBeing located near all of these fun things to do has its benefits outside of just a team bonding experience. In fact, you can use these attractions and amusements to make friends on other teams and invite them to join you. Not only does this help improve your social skills by inspiring you to get out and meet new people, it also helps you continue the spirit of good sportsmanship by extending a friendly hand to your fellow athletes.

You never know, some of the friendships you make when competing at Rocky Top Sports Would could end up being the friends you have for years to come.

5. Affordable Places To Stay Nearby

As we all know, when it comes to travel sports, it’s equally as important to find a great place to stay as it is to find a great place to compete. It is hard to stay focused on the game or competition when you are distracted by a bad night’s sleep.

That is why we have partnered with several of the local lodging companies to help you find the best place to stay when you compete in our Smoky Mountain basketball tournaments. With these trusted companies, we can guarantee that you and your team will rest easy and be able to compete at your best.

female basketball team competing at Rocky Top Sports WorldThis is a lot better than other sporting venues that are surrounded by expensive places to stay because it helps cut down on your overall travel costs. As we all know, playing in a traveling sport is not a cheap activity, so we understand the importance of keeping costs low when we can.

All of these rentals will be more than able to accommodate both you and your team. Meaning that you all will either be able to stay with each other or near each other to increase team bonding.

Not to mention, these lodging options are all located within a short drive of our Smoky Mountain sports complex. This means that you and your team will be able to sleep in a little longer and not have to worry about getting stuck in traffic on your way to the tournament.

Click here for a list of lodging options we suggest for your next Smoky Mountain basketball tournament.

To learn more about the benefits of competing in a tournament at Rocky Top Sports World, read our blog about 7 Reasons Playing Competitive Sports in the Smoky Mountains is Good For You.

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