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Rocky Top Sports World: Top 6 Benefits Of Playing Youth Sports

At Rocky Top Sports World, we understand how important it is for kids to participate in a youth sports program. Not only do we support it because it gives kids a chance to explore our Gatlinburg Sports complex, but we also know there is a ton of health benefits associated with youth sports.

In case you weren’t aware of these benefits, we have decided to provide parents a little breakdown of just how much of a positive impact that competition has on your kid’s life.

Physical Fitness

It’s a given that the more time your child spends playing sports, then the better in shape he or she may be. However, when we say that playing sports improve physical fitness, we are talking about a more well-rounded physical health. Meaning that not only will your child be strong, but he or she will also probably eat better and have more mental clarity as well.

Living a healthy lifestyle is important, not matter how old you are. That is why we at Rocky Top Sports World are excited to help young athletes develop these skills at an early at our Gatlinburg sports complex.

Builds Social Skills

youth team sports at Rocky Top Sports WorldWhen your child participates in a team sport than he or she will have a unique opportunity to create bonds with kids his/her own age. There is no comradery quite like that shared between teammates. And the more time that your child spends with his/her teammates, the more social skills and cues he/she will learn that they can then translate into real world situations.

This way, when they grow up, young athletes will be better equipped to make friends and interact with new people in any social situation.

Improves Self-Esteem

When you are in shape and you have good friends, it is hard for anyone to not also have a high self-esteem. Thanks to the help of a couple other benefits from playing youth sports, young athletes are also known to have a higher confidence level than kids who do not play sports.

This positive attitude not only inspires them to take chances and go for the win on the field, but it also helps them stay driven to succeed off the field as well.

soccer competition at Gatlinburg sports complexIncreases Academic Success

Sports create structure in children’s life. It helps them understand how to prioritize and manage their time.

In return, this structured mindset helps competitors succeed both in the sports world and academically. Just like they have to study the playbooks and practice tapes before each game, your young athlete will learn the importance of studying and getting good grades.

Life-Long Memories

As parents, we want our children to look back on their childhood one day and have it be filled with fond memories. By participating in a youth sports program, parents are giving their children tons of opportunities to create these memories. Whether it be the time they scored the game-winning goal or the funny story that resulted from the car ride on the way to their tournament at Rocky Top Sports World, every time your child gets ready to compete is a new opportunity to create a life-long memory.

In addition, these memories can also hold strong life lessons that will follow your young athlete throughout his/her life. Lessons like perseverance, courage, strength and teamwork are extremely valuable lessons to know as they grow and mature into young adults.

Reduces the Risk of Osteoporosis

girls playing volleyball at Rocky Top Sports WorldThough this probably isn’t a great concern now, as your child grows older and fully-develops into an adult, the physical activity that he or she participated in when they were younger will actually help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. In case you aren’t familiar, osteoporosis is a condition that affects the density of bones. Particularly prominent among females, the Women’s Sports Foundation recently released that youth athletes have a lower risk of developing this condition when they grow up thanks to the physical conditioning they did as a child.

Learn More About Youth Sports at Rocky Top Sports World

Now that you have learned all about the many health benefits available to children who participate in sporting events, why not begin planning your next tournament or youth camp at Rocky Top Sports World today by taking a few moments and explore what all our spacious Gatlinburg sports complex has to offer. At Rocky Top Sports World, we not only offer an 86,000 square-foot indoor sports facility, but we also offer a total of 7 synthetic-turf outdoor fields that are perfect for football, soccer and lacrosse.

Our facility also offers several private meeting rooms, team locker rooms, a concession stand, and, of course, unbeatable views of the Great Smoky Mountains.

To learn more about Rocky Top Sports World, feel free to give us a call today, or fill out the Gatlinburg sports contact form on our website.


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