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10 Great Sports Movies for Kids to Watch as a Team

Trying to find something to do for the whole team to spend time together? Have a movie night at someone’s house! You can order pizza, camp out in the living room, and watch some of the great sports movies for kids! Look at these 10 great sports movies for kids to watch as a team:

1. Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans is probably one of the most important sports movies for kids. It teaches them that no matter where someone comes from or what they look like, this person deserves respect and to be treated as a person.

2. The Mighty Ducks

people playing hockeyIn The Mighty Ducks, lawyer Gordon Bombay is forced to coach a kids hockey team for community service. Bombay must lead his team against his former coach, who still holds a grudge because of a missed penalty shot when Bombay played hockey as a child. This movie will inspire the coach just as much as the team!

3. The Sandlot

If you have baseball players, you should definitely watch The Sandlot together! The new kid on the block makes friends through playing baseball with them, and your team will love the hilarity of forging new friendships and facing “the Beast.” This is a great sports movie for kids to watch as a team.

4. Kicking and Screaming

kids playing soccerIf your team needs a pick-me-up after a loss, show them Kicking and Screaming. Will Ferrill will have them laughing through the whole movie. Plus, they’ll learn winning isn’t everything in life. You should just have fun playing the game!

5. Cool Runnings

Another inspirational comedy you can show your team is Cool Runnings. As the underdogs, a bobsled team from Jamaica works their way to the winter Olympics where they defy expectations. Everyone will love this sports movie!

6. Facing the Giants

Group playing Gatlinburg football outisdeFacing the Giants is one of the most inspiring sports movies for kids. A football team full of underdogs face failure and fear head on with determination and courage. This movie just might inspire your team with its important lessons.

7. Space Jam

If you just want to have your team bond, show them Space Jam! Michael Jordan pairs up with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in this hilarious movie about basketball. The team will beg to watch it over and over!

8. Brink

person putting on roller bladesBrink is a sports movie about roller skating in the late 90s. A ragtag team of skaters play the sport because they love it, but Andy Brink thinks he wants more. Your kids will learn that the love of their favorite sport is the only thing they need.

9. An Extremely Goofy Movie

Not only will your team be entertained by An Extremely Goofy Movie, they will learn excluding people is wrong and everyone should be included when it comes to sports. Goofy and his son Max learn important lessons together in this movie.

10. Air Bud

6 Advantages of Playing BasketballIf you have a group of kids who love animals and sports, you should definitely show them Air Bud. Josh’s father has recently passed away, and he and his mother move to a new town. Josh signs up to be the manager of the school’s basketball team. He soon finds out the stray he took in, Buddy, is really good at basketball! Your team will love watching this movie together.

Watching sports movies for kids together as a team will teach your kids important lessons in life and make them want to work together in their sport. If you want your team to bond even more, bring them to one of our sports camps. They can spend time together and learn even more about the sport they play.

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