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A youth basketball coach giving advice to his team at our Smoky Mountain sports complex.

Smoky Mountain Sports Trends: Experts Weigh In On What Makes Successful Youth Athletics

National experts have recently weighed in on youth sports, noting that positive development and easy access to information are the primary keys to successful youth athletics. Read on to discover what experts have said about effective youth sports programs and how Rocky Top has been as a leader in these programs at our Smoky Mountain sports facility.

The First Step to an Effective Program

Jim Thompson, CEO of the Positive Coaching Alliance, has explained that establishing a culture is the first step in creating a successful youth sports program. According to Thompson, the leadership of the organization provides the overall culture of the program regardless of the procedures and regulations that are in place. He also believes that positive development of both the individual and the sport itself should be emphasized over the goal to win.

Implementing Positive Development

Young people are accustomed to watching college and professional sports, where winning is shown to be more important than anything else. To avoid falling into this mindset in a youth program, the leaders must establish and constantly reinforce the beliefs that positive development is the key to a successful program.

There can be various means to implement positive development in youth athletic programs, both on the part of the organization leaders and the parents. For example, it could be something as simple as posting signs discouraging rowdy behavior like yelling at opponents and officials.

The Importance of InformationPhoto of smiling girls on a Lacrosse team.

Experts have also indicated that it is essential for youth sports organizations to provide parents with easy access to information. This process has become much simpler over the years as organizations can now use the internet for providing public information and communicating with parents.

According to the National Alliance of Youth Sports, there are 10 items that all youth sports organizations should provide on their website. These include:

  • Event and activity schedules
  • Details about the program
  • Registration information
  • Sponsor pages
  • Program news
  • Social media
  • Coach and parent resources
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Advertising
  • Feedback forms.

Social media has been a growing resource for information, where many organizations now use websites like Facebook to provide updates regarding schedules, registrations, etc.

The Culture of Positive Development at Rocky Top Sports World

Rocky Top Sports World  has fostered a leadership culture where we make every team feel like the home team, regardless of where they might be from. At our Smoky Mountain sports facility, positive development always comes first.  

Rocky Top has a conduct policy where athletes, spectators, and guests are all expected to set an example of sportsmanship by respecting others on our premises. Therefore, we do not tolerate behavior such as abusive or offensive language, and any physical violence is means for immediate removal from our venue.

A coach talking to a soccer team made up of young kids.Easy Access to Information at Rocky Top Sports World

Rocky Top’s superior website and social media channels provide all of the information that parents and event organizers need about our facilities and youth sports programs. From detailed information about our sports camps and tournaments, to registration links and local lodging information, the Rocky Top Sports World website is your source for everything there is to know about Smoky Mountain sports!

In addition, our Facebook page is a great way to stay connected with us, as we constantly provide status updates about the great happenings at our facility. Be sure to like the Rocky Top Sports World Facebook page today!  

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