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Athlete competing at a Smoky Mountain basketball tournament

5 Reasons To Choose Us For Your Smoky Mountain Classic Basketball Tournament

If you are looking for a unique place to host your next basketball tournament, look no further than Rocky Top Sports World. Not only do we offer a brand new, state-of-the-art facility for athletes and coaches, we also offer a ton of other benefits that come with choosing us for your Smoky Mountain classic basketball tournament.

1. Chance to Play New Teams

teams competing at Smoky Mountain classic basketball tournamentWe love it when teams and organizations choose to plan a Smoky Mountain basketball tournament at Rocky Top Sports World because we know it means teams from all across the United States will get the chance to experience our scenic mountain area. This is thanks in part to the state-of-the-art facilities we offer, but also thanks to the fact we are located within a day’s drive of 66% of all families in the United States. Meaning, teams and competitors won’t have to travel too far to compete in your tournament, thus increasing the appeal of your competition.

From a tournament organizer’s standpoint, this is good because it means you will have more teams entering your tournament. As an athlete, this is also great because it gives you the chance to play against new teams you may not otherwise have the chance to. Not only will this improve your skills as a competitor, but it will also help improve your social skills as well.

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team playing in a Smoky Mountain basketball tournament2. Convertible Courts

At Rocky Top Sports World, we offer 6 full-sized, hardwood basketball courts, plus 4 additional courts on site. This means you will have plenty of space to accommodate the teams that come and compete in your Smoky Mountain classic basketball tournament.

In addition, you can convert our basketball courts to fit any needs your tournament may have. For example, if you plan on only doing half court games or you want to split the courts up between practice areas and tournament areas, you have the option.

3. Bleacher Seating

fans cheering on Smoky Mountain basketball tournamentWhat is a sports tournament if you can’t have fans cheering on the players? At Rocky Top Sports World, we offer bleacher seating in and around our basketball courts to allow all guests to your tournament to be able to watch the competition.

This is great for parents, athletes and scouts to comfortably watch the game.

team meeting at Rocky Top Sports World4. Team Meeting Rooms

Success in a tournament comes from preparation both on and off the court. You can increase the appeal of your Smoky Mountain basketball classic tournament by reminding teams that they will have access to one of the three private team rooms located in our facility.

These rooms give team members a chance to sit down and strategize plays and talk with one another before taking the court in their next game.

In addition to the private team rooms, athletes will also have access to our locker rooms to get ready and wash up after the tournament.

5. On-Site Concession

concession stand at Rocky Top Sports WorldAs you know, a full day of competition can lead to some pretty hungry athletes. That is why you will be pleased to know you and your tournament guests will have full access to our on-site concession area during your Smoky Mountain classic basketball tournament.

Champ’s Grill is perfect for both players and athletes to take a quick break and refuel with either a high-protein snack or sports drink to keep their energy up during the day. You can either grab your snack to go or you can relax for a minute in the relaxing dining area found around the concession stand. Either way, you will be happy to know you are more than welcome to use this facility during your tournament.

Now that you know all of the benefits that come with planning a Smoky Mountains classic basketball tournament at Rocky Top Sports World, it is time to start planning your next competition with us! You can do so by contacting Rocky Top Sports World’s event planners today! They will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

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