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How to Travel to a Gatlinburg Sports Tournament in Style

You have practiced as much as you could. The entry fees have been paid. You and your team have found the perfect lodging accommodation that meets your needs. Now, it is time to decide what you all need to pack for your upcoming fun and exciting Gatlinburg sports tournament. Because Rocky Top Sports World is located within a day’s drive of most of the country, you and your team won’t have to worry about airplane restrictions in terms of traveling. However, it will still be nice to have everything you need before the competition begins. That being said, here are our top suggestions of travel tips for a successful Gatlinburg sports tournament:

Smoky Mountain Road Map

The last thing you want to happen on the way to the competition is to get lost. And although GPS devices can be pretty nifty, there are a few spots in the area where the maps don’t exactly sync up with what the road actually looks like. That is why we suggest teams and parents bring a physical map of the area with them, so they don’t accidentally take the wrong turn and miss the beginning of the game.

Besides, having a physical backup is always a good idea in case for some reason your cell phone or device’s battery dies, and you don’t have time to wait for it to recharge.

Travel With Teammates

Youth sports basketball teamAt Rocky Top Sports World, we have been very fortunate to have the ability to partner with many of the area’s most respected lodging partners for our tournaments. These rental companies have been really great to the families and teams who come to the area for one of our Gatlinburg sports tournaments by offering them exclusive deals and discounts during their stay.

That being said, you and your team can save even more on your travel expenses by deciding to stay together as a group. Whether it is the whole team or just a family or two, the more people you have to split the lodging cost, the cheaper per person it will be.

To find the lodging options for your Gatlinburg sports tournament, click on the Smoky Mountain Lodging tab on our website.

Purchase Travel Insurance

There is a really low chance that something negative will happen while you are away from home for your Gatlinburg sports tournament, however having the safety net of travel insurance makes these unforeseen circumstances much less of a headache. This also helps protect the money you have invested for the trip in case your young athlete becomes sick or injured before the tournament.

Pack a Travel Kit

first aid kit This may not seem like much, but a small kit that has things like sewing materials, scissors, extra pairs of game socks, hair ties, band-aids, hot/cold packs, pain reliever, or whatever else you can think of, will really come in handy once you arrive at your tournament at our Gatlinburg sports complex. Not only does this cut down on the smaller items that you will have to pick up once you arrive in the area, but it will also make sure you are prepared for anything that might come up during the event.

To make sure that the kit arrives safely to your destination, we suggest putting one parents or guardian in charge of packing a travel kit for the team. To be fair, you can alternate the responsibility between tournaments.

Plan a Vacation

There is no reason to travel all the way to the Smoky Mountains and not spend a few days in the area resting and relaxing with your teammates. Try to build in an extra day or two into your schedule after the tournament to allow your team to celebrate their experience at one of the many exciting attractions in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. This mini-vacation will not only help them de-stress from the tournament mindset, but it is also a great team building exercise to bring your teammates closer together. Click here for a list of all of our favorite Smoky Mountain attractions near Rocky Top Sports World.

Do you have any more questions on what you should bring for your team’s Gatlinburg sports tournament? Feel free to call Rocky Top Sports World today and speak with one of our events specialists. You can also fill out the contact form on our website, and one of our staff members will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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