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Great Smoky Mountain Youth All Star Showcase at Rocky Top Sports World

At Rocky Top Sports World, we host several youth sporting events throughout the year. From soccer to volleyball, all kinds of sports are played at our facility. The Great Smoky Mountain Youth All Star Showcase is one of the youth events we want to talk about with you. Keep reading for more information on this event.

What is the Youth All Star Showcase?

A young football player at practice.The Great Smoky Mountain Youth All Star Showcase is an event for youth football players to come and compete against each other in a tournament. It is intended to showcase the talent of youth football players and teach them important lessons about winning, losing, and playing the game.

When is This Tournament?

This is the second year this tournament has been hosted at Rocky Top Sports World. It was originally scheduled for May 2 through 4, then rescheduled for June 5 through 7, 2020. It is now scheduled for July 25 and 26, 2020. This event is for ages 6 to 13. The cost of this event is $175, and it includes uniforms. If you end up purchasing a spot but cannot make it, you cannot have a refund, but the purchase is transferable to another Football America event.

What Will Happen?

Boys playing football at Rocky Top Sports World.The first night, all of the players will report to the field to stretch and warm up. After warm ups, the players will participate in drills so coaches can see skills. Players will then go to team practice, which is where the uniforms will be handed out. The next day, teams will play against each other. Each team will play 2 games.

More About Rocky Top Sports World

If you have never participated in a youth sporting event at Rocky Top Sports World, you may be wondering what it will be like. Our campus is 80 acres and has several turf fields. The facility is only minutes from downtown Gatlinburg. There is an on-site restaurant where you can get food to refuel throughout the day. There is also plenty of parking for events. There’s even a Gatlinburg trolley stop if you want to visit the area in your downtime.

The Great Smoky Mountain Youth All Star Showcase is a great way for youth football players to get in more practice of the sport they love. They will come together with other kids from all over the country and play a sport together they enjoy. Whether they win or lose, visiting Rocky Top Sports World is something they won’t ever forget! Want to know more about this event? Find out more about the Great Smoky Mountain Youth All Star Showcase and sign your child up!

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