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5 Ways Playing in a Sports Tournament in Gatlinburg Makes You Smarter

We all know that playing in a sports tournament in Gatlinburg is a ton of fun, but did you know that it can make you smarter too? Here are five fascinating ways that playing sports at Rocky Top Sports World can actually increase your intelligence:

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1. Strengthens Your Memory

When you are active in sports, your brain tends to retain more memories. Scientific studies have shown that people who get vigorous exercise after memorizing something new have better recollection of what they learned than those who remain sedentary.

2. Makes You More Productive

By spending just a few minutes on the fields at Rocky Top Sports World, your brain naturally makes you want to become more productive. It has been proven that productivity leads to more productivity, so producing energy in a sports tournament makes players want to enjoy even more success in their daily lives. Whether scoring a goal during a soccer tournament or scoring the winning point in a basketball game, it is no doubt that even a moderate amount of exercise is a slam dunk for the brain!

3. Gives You More EnergyYoung women playing volleyball

Playing in a soccer, volleyball, or other sports tournament at Rocky Top Sports World, makes you more energized with each step, kick, and jump you take. With increased energy, your body allows you to think more clearly and be creative. Even after just 15 minutes of running around on one of our seven outdoor fields, your body produces an incredible amount of brain boosting energy!

4. Helps You Make Better Decisions

By playing sports, your body naturally releases endorphins that help increase the brain’s ability to prioritize. Therefore, after a sports tournament, you have a greater control of setting goals and concentrating on present tasks. As a fantastic bonus, these endorphins that are released during physical activity help to elevate your mood and have been shown to strengthen memory too. Between the release of endorphins and serotonin, the neurotransmitter that helps to improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression, your brain benefits tremendously from physical exercise and sports.

Young men playing basketball5. Makes It Easier to Concentrate

When you participate in a sports tournament in Gatlinburg, there are short term and long term benefits for your brain. In the short term, your focus is raised for approximately two to three hours following the activity. Therefore, Rocky Top Sports World tournament players may find that they are able to concentrate easier in those hours after the game. In the long term, playing sports can help deter the effects of brain aging and Alzheimer’s. This is because the increased blood flow from physical activity allows the brain to improve itself.

Do your brain a favor and sign up for one of the exciting tournaments at Rocky Top Sports World! Our 80 acre state-of-the-art sports campus in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains is your ultimate indoor and outdoor sports destination. In addition to seven outdoor fields, we offer an 86,000 square foot indoor facility with six basketball courts and 12 volleyball courts. Check out all of the Smoky Mountain Tournaments & Camps going on at Rocky Top Sports World next year – it’s a no brainer!

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