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All You Need to Know About the Breakthrough Basketball Camp in Gatlinburg

Are you a basketball player who wants to improve your skills or a coach who wants to change up your routine? Then the Breakthrough Basketball Camp in Gatlinburg is the program for you! The camp is broken into two sessions: one for younger players who need to improve on basic skills and older players who want to fine tune their skills. Read on to learn more about the Breakthrough Basketball Camp.

The First Session

The first session runs from June 25, 2019 through Thursday June 27, 2019. All three days, the camp starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. Boys and girls in 7th to 12th grade can attend this session, and there are 60 slots. Coaches who want to watch and implement the strategies during the sessions may also attend.

Don Kelbick, the camp director, has over 35 years of experience coaching high school, college, and professional basketball players. He’s conducted over 1,000 camps and clinics, helping players improve in all areas of the game. Kelbick has created an Attack and Counter Strategy that implements key skills, especially in footwork and mentality, two of the most important aspects.

Skills and Topics Covered

A basketball player trying to put the ball in the hoop.Footwork is covered to show how to place feet in a specific position to be able to score from anywhere on the court. You’ll learn how to guard the ball while moving it down the court and improve ball handling skills. Screening and cutting are covered to learn how to move when you don’t have the ball and get open to be able to get the ball. A tough mentality is also taught to block out everything going on and focus on the game.

Practicing the Skills

Kelbick will demonstrate the new skill or drill in front of everyone and explain the reasons behind why the skill or drill is important. Once Kelbick has finished, players are split into groups and work with designated coaches to practice the new skill or drill. As a new skill is introduced, this “show and go” pattern is followed. To put these new skills to practice, players will do competitive breakdown drills, which are slightly different than the 5-on-5 practice games that are usually used.

The Second Session

The second session runs July 30, 2019 through August 1, 2019. Each day, the basketball camp in Gatlinburg is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This session is for 4th through 9th graders/ All of the kids will be split into groups based on skill level and age.

Skills and Topics Covered

Two boys playing basketball indoors.Kids will learn how to handle the ball on the court and dribble effectively. Proper footwork is taught to get the ball to go where you want it to. Finishing techniques will reduce the amount of turnovers, and improving quickness will help with defense and rebounding. Coaches will go over how to cut and get open so you will get the ball and be able to score. Plus, improve hand-eye coordination with passing skills.

Practicing the Skills

Once the kids go over these skills and drills, they will be able to apply them during a game setting. The way the games are set up, players get to utilize their new skills. Players can earn points for playing properly and lose points for little effort and execution.

Additional Information

The Breakthrough Basketball Camp is located at our state-of-the-art sports campus:

Rocky Top Sports World
1870 Sports World Blvd
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Get more information on the Breakthrough Basketball Camp in Gatlinburg, then sign up today to reserve a spot. Don’t miss this great opportunity to hone your child’s skills!

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