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Young women on a volleyball court.

Attack at the Rock: Gatlinburg’s Summer Volleyball Play Day

If your high school volleyball team is looking for some pre-season practice this summer, you will love Attack at the Rock! This special volleyball play day at Rocky Top Sports World is a great opportunity for your team to shake off the cobwebs before school starts up again. Attack at the Rock is expected to attract some of the most competitive high school teams from around the Southeast. Read on to find out all the details for this eagerly anticipated event. Read More

A young athlete stretching on the grass.

Top 5 Flexibility Exercises for Young Athletes

Flexibility is one of the most important qualities for young athletes to develop. When we talk about flexibility, we’re referring to two things: the range of motion for a joint and the ability of muscles surrounding a joint to lengthen during movement. Whether you play football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, or another sport, being flexible is essential for success. To help you make the most of your workout, we have put together a guide to five of the best flexibility exercises for young athletes. Read More

Scenic photo of summer in Gatlinburg.

Summer in Gatlinburg: Fun Around Town and at Rocky Top Sports World

Summer is the most popular time to visit Gatlinburg, TN, and it’s easy to see why! From June through August, our Smoky Mountain city boasts beautiful weather and a variety of special events. When you participate in a tournament at Rocky Top Sports World, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the seasonal fun in the Smokies. To help you make the most of your trip, we have put together a convenient guide to everything going on this summer in Gatlinburg. Read More

Defenders tackling a running back during a football game.

4 of the Best Motivational Quotes for Young Athletes

When you’re in search of inspiration before a big game or during halftime, nothing is better than reading a motivational quote from one of your favorite athletes or coaches. Hearing the words of someone who has been in your shoes and persevered can be the perfect way to boost your confidence and energize your spirit. To help you prepare for your next tournament, Rocky Top Sports World has put together four of the best motivational quotes for young athletes. Read More

A youth soccer team huddling with their coach.

Top 5 Benefits of Playing Travel Sports

Travel sports are more popular than ever before! In the past two years, the travel sports industry has grown by 20 percent, and this upward trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Playing travel sports can be a big time commitment for young athletes and their families, but the benefits of participation can last a lifetime. Rocky Top Sports World has put together a guide to the top five benefits of playing travel sports. Read More

Coach Phillip Fulmer working with kids at his football camp at Rocky Top Sports World.

Phillip Fulmer Hall of Fame Football Camp Returns to Rocky Top Sports World

One of Rocky Top Sports World’s most popular football camps is returning this June! Legendary University of Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer will lead a three-day camp for youth football teams and players from across the nation. Last year’s inaugural Hall of Fame camp was a huge success, and we expect this year to be even bigger and better. Read on for everything you need to know about the upcoming camp. Read More

The city of Gatlinburg on a spring day.

Catch Spring Fever: Seasonal Fun in Gatlinburg, TN and at Rocky Top Sports World

While every season has something special to offer in the Great Smoky Mountains, spring may just be our favorite! The spring climate in Gatlinburg, TN is ideal for playing sports, as the weather is warm without being too hot. In addition to the comfortable temperature, spring also brings spectacular scenery and fun events to the Smokies. To help you plan your next trip to Gatlinburg, we have put together a guide to everything going on in the area this spring. Read More

Confident young women on a soccer team.

3 Confidence Boosting Strategies for Young Athletes

Legendary quarterback Joe Namath once said, “When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things”. As Namath recognized, feeling confident is a prerequisite for enjoying a game and for having success on the field. When you feel anxious or uncertain in your abilities, this mindset can ruin the experience of playing a sport. Read More

Young teammates putting their hands in together.

4 Fun Team Building Activities for Young Athletes

For a youth sports team to be successful, all of its players need to trust and support one another. A team with excellent group chemistry becomes a well oiled machine: flawlessly executing plays and anticipating each other’s moves. When young athletes feel like they are part of something larger than themselves, they play at their full potential and encourage their teammates to do the same. Read More