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Gatlinburg Basketball Tournaments to Benefit Pat Summitt and Jim Valvano Foundations

Few people have had as profound an impact on college basketball as Pat Summitt and Jim Valvano. These legendary coaches were renowned not only for their success on the court but also for their inspirational leadership and unrelenting positivity. In the coming months, Rocky Top Sports World and the Girls Basketball Association (GBA) will host Read More

4 Tips for Planning a “Tourna-Cation” in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

The tourna-cation is one of America’s hottest new travel trends! As we detailed in a previous article, a “tourna-cation” happens when a family plans a vacation around their child’s sports tournament. Combining a vacation with sports travel is a great way to make the most of your time together as a family, all while saving Read More

5 Tips for Taking Awesome Youth Sports Photos

If you’re anything like the parents who come to Rocky Top Sports World, you probably love taking pictures of your kids playing sports! Having some high-quality photos of your young athlete can be great for sharing with relatives, making scrapbooks, and enhancing your Christmas cards. Of course, your kids will also love seeing what they Read More

The Rise of the Tourna-cation: Youth Sports Tourism Becomes $9 Billion Industry

Here at Rocky Top Sports World, we are witnessing firsthand one of the nation’s fastest-growing travel trends: the tourna-cation. Families from all across America are increasingly combining their vacations with their children’s travel sports events. The rise of these so-called tourna-cations has made youth sports tourism a $9 billion industry!