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4 Things Every Player Should Do Before a Smoky Mountain High School Basketball Game

When it comes to doing your best in a Smoky Mountain high school basketball tournament, it is important to make sure you are as prepared as possible. That is why we have put together a brief list of everything you need to make sure you are ready to win with your team during your next competition.

1. Double Check Your Start Time

The first step to making sure you are prepared for your Smoky Mountain high school basketball game at Rocky Top Sports World is to double and triple check your game’s start time. The last thing you want is to show up ready to play only to discover your team has already taken to the court, or, worse, already done.

You can easily check your start time by looking at the schedule your coach gave you. You can also check the tournament’s master roster to make sure everything is running on time.

2. Make Sure Your Uniform is Clean

girls playing basketball in a youth sports tournament in GatlinburgNow that you know what time you will be competing the next day, it is important to make sure your uniform is ready for your basketball game. This means you want to make sure your jersey is clean, you have comfortable socks, you know where both your shoes are, you have your warm up suit ready to go, and anything else you need before you leave for the game.

To take this step even further, we suggest you go ahead and get ready in the morning before you leave for the game. Not only will this get this step out of the way, it will also make for extra time for you to get ready once you arrive at the complex to play. This is good if you coach has a last minute change up or if you want to spend more time warming up and clearing your mind before the game clock starts counting down.

close up on female athletes sports bag suring a Smoky Mountain sports tournament3. Pack Your Bag the Night Before

In addition to making sure your uniform is ready for the big day, it is time to get your duffle bag ready for your Smoky Mountain high school basketball game. This includes grabbing shoes to change into after the game, a tournament schedule, headphones or other media playing devices you may need, and anything else you can think to get you prepared for the game.

Similar to your uniform, we suggest you get your back together before you leave your hotel or cabin. Even better, pack it the night before so you have time to focus on what you really need so you aren’t rushing to get ready in the morning.

4. Arrive Early

team meeting at Rocky Top Sports WorldAfter you have everything you need ready for your game, it is time to hit the road and head to Rocky Top Sports World. In doing so, we recommend you arrive at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before your game time begins. This will give you plenty of time to wake up, warm up, check in with your coach, learn of any roster changes and mentally prepare for the game.

It is important to make sure you have plenty of time before the game begins to get your head in the game and prepare yourself to play the best game possible.

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